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  • Shin Nippon ACCUREF-K 9001 New

    Compact and lightweight, the Shin Nippon ACCUREF-K 9001 offers fast, accurate measurements with its 5.6-inch LCD color monitor and adjustable viewing angle for both standing and sitting positions. Features include a wide measurement range (Sph -25.00D to +25.00D, Cyl -10.00D to +10.00D), auto start function, kerato-peripheral measurement, quick measurement function,…

  • Luneau L70 Lens Meter New

    Auto Centering Lens Meter L70. Fully operational, tested by our team.

  • Nidek Tonoref III New

    Nidek Tonoref III combines an auto refractometer, auto keratometer, non-contact tonometer, and non-contact pachymeter, ensuring high measurement accuracy. Clinically essential features include accommodation measurement and opacity assessment. Its user-friendly, space-saving design provides a comfortable and efficient upgrade for your practice. This pre-owned unit has been thoroughly tested by our team…

  • Nidek Tonoref II

    The Tonoref II ARK integrates the functions of a non-contact tonometer, auto-refractor, and auto-keratometer to measure refractive power, corneal curvature, and intraocular pressure (IOP). This device delivers rapid, precise, and dependable results, significantly cutting down the time required for measurements.

  • Clement Clarke Synoptophore 2001

    This comprehensive unit supports standard measurements and treatments, featuring an automatic flashing unit for simultaneous or alternate eye stimulation. Included are removable Haidinger’s Brushes motor units, facilitating pleoptic techniques to assess and treat eccentric fixation and abnormal retinal correspondence.

  • Nidek Deblocker

    Introducing the Nidek Deluxe Deblocker – a tabletop device that effortlessly removes Nidek Pliable blocks from edged lenses. Its streamlined design allows for easy operation without any torque needed.

  • Carl Zeiss VISUREF 100

    Introducing VISUREF 100, an advanced diagnostic instrument featuring a motorized chinrest controlled by dual buttons for quick and precise patient positioning. The 6.4-inch TFT display offers exceptional contrast and resolution, with a 20° tilt range for customisable viewing. The quick release brake, situated near the joystick, enhances manoeuvrability by disabling XY movement.

    Connectivity with the ZEISS VISUCONNECT 500 allows seamless integration into your network, enabling a patient work list on a tablet and direct transfer of measurements to EMR/PMS or FORUM®. Enjoy accurate data, streamlined measurement processes, and ergonomic design for enhanced patient comfort.

    Key technical benefits include reliable data, efficient handling, transparent information for analysis, and optional connectivity features such as direct DICOM and a well-defined EMR interface through the ZEISS VISUCONNECT 500. Elevate your practice with precision, efficiency, and connectivity.

  • Nidek CE-9 Manual Blocker

    CE-9, an electric power-saving centering device designed for maintenance-free operation. Boasting a sleek and ergonomic design, this device combines efficiency with aesthetics to enhance your workspace. CE-9 offers a long-life LED, providing a hassle-free experience by eliminating the need for frequent light bulb changes.

    Enjoy customized illumination with the adjustable brightness feature of the LED, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your specific needs.

    This device has been redesigned to be more compact than its predecessor, optimizing space utilization without compromising functionality.

  • New Essilor Profil M Edging Wheel

    High-quality Essilor Profil M Edging Wheel designed for precision lens edging. Condition: NEW

  • Essilor Neksia Tracer

    Effortlessly trace any frame with Neksia. Automatic frame-type selection, simple clamping, and rapid tracing cycles make it fast and easy. Achieve greater productivity with automatic drilling-hole recognition. Enjoy convenient centering and blocking with a wide-open centering area, intelligent targeting, and an intuitive on-screen interface.

  • Essilor Neksia Edger

    Essilor’s Neksia integrates years of high-performance edging expertise into one of the world’s most user-friendly and productive systems.

  • Hitachi SP24V001-A LCD Panel

    Original Black and White Hitachi LCD Display Panel, made in Taiwan. Resolution:640 x 480. Voltage: 3.3V to 5V. SP24V001-A REV:A, 7084T, 014484

  • Topcon CV-2500 Phoropter Set

    Upgrade your eye care practice with the Topcon CV-2500 Phoropter Set. This package features the advanced CV-2500 Phoropter, a Dell Latitude D820 laptop with original software, a power supply, and a chart.

  • Nidek AFC-330 Non-Mydriatic Auto Fundus Camera

    The AFC-330 has an integrated CCD camera and microcomputer in one compact unit without requiring an external camera and PC. It is virtually “ready to use out of the box”. Original photos. Fully operational and tested before shipment by our team. Manufactured in 2019.  Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. 

  • Essilor Delta 2 with Tess tracer (set) Out of Stock

    A set in perfect condition, fully working

  • Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA)

    Reichert Ocular Response Analyser – a full set with PC and original software – configured to work together. Each element has been tested