visuref 100

  • Carl Zeiss VISUREF 100

    Introducing VISUREF 100, an advanced diagnostic instrument featuring a motorized chinrest controlled by dual buttons for quick and precise patient positioning. The 6.4-inch TFT display offers exceptional contrast and resolution, with a 20° tilt range for customisable viewing. The quick release brake, situated near the joystick, enhances manoeuvrability by disabling XY movement.

    Connectivity with the ZEISS VISUCONNECT 500 allows seamless integration into your network, enabling a patient work list on a tablet and direct transfer of measurements to EMR/PMS or FORUM®. Enjoy accurate data, streamlined measurement processes, and ergonomic design for enhanced patient comfort.

    Key technical benefits include reliable data, efficient handling, transparent information for analysis, and optional connectivity features such as direct DICOM and a well-defined EMR interface through the ZEISS VISUCONNECT 500. Elevate your practice with precision, efficiency, and connectivity.