• Nidek Tonoref III

    Nidek Tonoref III combines an auto refractometer, auto keratometer, non-contact tonometer, and non-contact pachymeter, ensuring high measurement accuracy. Clinically essential features include accommodation measurement and opacity assessment. Its user-friendly, space-saving design provides a comfortable and efficient upgrade for your practice. This pre-owned unit has been thoroughly tested by our team…

  • Nidek Tonoref II

    The Tonoref II ARK integrates the functions of a non-contact tonometer, auto-refractor, and auto-keratometer to measure refractive power, corneal curvature, and intraocular pressure (IOP). This device delivers rapid, precise, and dependable results, significantly cutting down the time required for measurements.

  • Topcon TRK 1 P Out of Stock

    Refrakeratotonometer with pachymeter-4in1